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A few months ago i made a post saying the j-7d in the chinese air tech tree (and the j-7e) should get its pl-8 or the j-7d should move down to 10.7.The j-7e is way better than the j-7d because the j-7e had good mobility and good dogfighting technology while the j-7d has none of that. And the j-7e is technically free while the j-7d is not..

War Thunder introduces a variety of new vehicles ranging from Russian helicopters to the first rank V naval vessels and the introduction of the Swedish tech tree for aircraft. The update also opens the Chinese tech tree to all players.Oh, my apologies, I thought the title was simply asking for tech trees. But in that case, you should ask for a chinese air tree first, as that is the precedent. Share this post

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War thunder had a bad impression with the addition of more trees after Israel, understandably due to the idea that copy-pasting vehicles does not constitute the addition of a new tree. ... Through the early to mid tiers, it's effectively just the Chinese tech tree again, except with a couple of German vehicles thrown in and a few actual Yugo ...South Korean Ground Forces Tech Tree - Ground - War Thunder — official forum. other-ground-forces. dejece_001 January 4, 2024, 6:53pm 361. Becuase SK and Japan share geopolitical sphere. DHFLZKZK January 4, 2024, 7:30pm 362. Let’s put …Hello It is known that ROCAF uses mirage 2000-5 fighter, so is it possible to add it to the Chinese tech tree. The difference is that it lack the air refueling system and air to ground capabilities. I think it would be interesting to see this.

The first iteration of drones, specifically the scout drones used by light tanks, was introduced back in War Thunder 2021 April Fool's Event "Warfare 2077". The drones were launchable by the event "Hydra" rocket tank, and was useful for reconnaissance and as a loiter munition as the April Fool's version is configured with a shaped charge warhead to …The AH-1W is an armoured attack helicopter offering protection to the crew and engine: Composite boron carbide- Kevlar seat enclosures, for both of the crew, with a thickness of 20 mm. A steel seat, which offers a thickness of 12 mm for the pilot only. Steel plate covers, offering 12 mm of thickness over the turboshaft engine.Su-27 and J-11: A Jet Fighter for the USSR and China at Rank VIII. Features: Excellent maneuverability. High top speed. 10 weapon hardpoints. Advanced air-to-air missiles. No guided weapons against ground targets. Vehicle History . Development of the Su-27 began at the Sukhoi Design Bureau in early 1971.As Chinese tech companies come under regulatory scrutiny at home, concerns and pressures are escalating among investors and domestic tech companies, including China’s four big clou...

The ␗F-5A Freedom Fighter is a rank VII Chinese jet fighter with a battle rating of 11.0 (AB), 10.7 (RB), and 10.3 (SB). It was introduced in Update "Ixwa Strike" . Designed from the N-156 prototype of Northrop Corporation (now Northrop Grumman), F-5A is the first-comer of the long-lasting family of F-5 series lightweight fighter; which is ...historical events that happened decades ago, appart from that south koreans hate more china than japan, also for the chinese VT-4 is a thailand VT-4 bought from china is not directly a chinese vehicle taken out of the tech tree to be put into japan its an export tank in the end, its like crying about a your country export tank was actually bought by other country ….

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American Airborne/Amphibious Assault Vehicles - War Thunder Official Channel. American Ground Forces Rank VI/VII - Oxy. American ground forces Rank V - Oxy. American ground forces Rank IV - Oxy. American ground forces Rank III - Review and Analysis - Oxy.South Korean Ground Forces Tech Tree - #371 by Mahiwew - Ground - War Thunder — official forum. other-ground-forces. dejece_001 January 4, 2024, 8:37pm 366. Thug Shaker Actual: sphere. They have done a world cup in 2002. DiamondLag January 4, 2024, 8:41pm 367. Thug Shaker Actual: Bad answer.China helicopters. navigation search. Aircraft. Helicopters. Researchable vehicles. Premium vehicles. Helicopters become available for research and purchase only with the ownership of at least one Rank 5 vehicle of the corresponding nation. V Rank. Z-11WA.

People hate the chinese tech tree, in air at least, because they don't like to play against their own vehicles. You can come with the "MUH SKILL" but no, most majority of time it will not be a 1v1 engagement where purely skill determines who wins the fight. Elitepikachu. • 3 yr. ago.r/Warthunder. r/Warthunder. • 2 yr. ago. Fire_Fenix. I grinded all ground China tech tree. Ask me anything. All Ground. It's not like a big achievement I fineshed other nations too. But if you have question about some vehicles, lineups or BRs I can answer you.Designed by myself (also with help come from Chinese forum), hope this can help u konw about the Chinese vehicle. Please share u thoughts and suggestion so that i can improve it. Example: Current state: Spoiler Some missiles: Spoiler Tree(V-X): Ground tree:

true albino teacher Aug 24, 2023 · general, cn. SliverJian August 24, 2023, 3:47pm 1. WZ1001 is not suitable to be placed in the left line of China’s tech tree (or the light tank line as you call it). First of all, except for CM11, the main components of that line are light tanks, while WZ1001 is an MBT. Secondly, WZ1001 (LCT) is made by you using the data of WZ123AY combined ...This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. ... You know, this bs one claiming mig-25 will be introduced, and few vehicles in Chinese tech tree, with mig-21. craigslist dallas rv camperscool math guys Usage in battles. Realistic. Always maintain speed. The P-47 handles like a dream at about 550-650 km/h (350-400 mph), but once it gets below 350 km/h (220 mph) it handles sluggishly, like a pig dipped in mud. One great thing about the handling at high speed though, is that the P-47 responds quickly at high speeds, and this allows some ... power schools student login wcpss War Thunder has a total of 10 ground tech trees in the game in this War Thunder Video we will be going over what a new or returning player should pick when i... who won season 1 of flavor of loveglock 43 vs 43x sizecm ecf system South Korean Ground Forces Tech Tree - #13 by Florus - Ground - War Thunder — official forum. other-ground-forces. Florus July 20, 2023, 7:28pm 7. The key problem with adding South Korea to America is that it makes the tree extremely bloated, especially in the way that you implemented it. All sub trees are normally a single line ignoring the ...The only “sub-trees” that go against this formula are Taiwanese vehicles in the Chinese tree, and a few DDR tanks in the German tree. But, I would probably argue that a) Taiwanese vehicles shouldn’t be in the Chinese tree and instead should perhaps go as a US sub-tree (perhaps the same with SK tanks) and b) DDR vehicles should be split ... dayz epinephrine WheelchairGamer If J-7D switch position from premium tree move to tech tree but you guess new premium pack rank 7 replace J-7D in the future ? FTC-2000G is a dual seat light combat aircraft of Guizhou JL …The future seems good, China does have quite a few additions that could come along when the game is ready for it. China gonna have definitely not Sukhoi aircraft completely Chinese aircrafts and captured Taiwanese rebellious China aircraft, Please give me +2000 social credit I need those. We will live in prosperity! spn 3058oreillys sanford mainerichard brasher obituary alexandria la Currently in the game we have four lines of Chinese tanks, specifically light & medium, medium & heavy, SPAA, and tank destroyer. However, consider that a lot of tanks that could be merged into the whole tech tree, 4 lines would be too crowded for a single line. Also, two medium line with light and heavy tanks mixed in them is a very messy thing.Due to historical and political considerations, it is unacceptable for South Korea to join Japan's technology tree, but South Korea is too thin as a single technology tree, so I propose to combine Israel and South Korea, both of which are Allies of the United States, and South Korea is Israel's first free trade partner in East Asia, which shows the close relationship between the two countries.